Who are you guys, anyway??

We are Naked Grips, and we're the guys who work our tails off every day to bring you the best bat grips in the game. We are out of central Minnesota, and we eat, sleep, and drink baseball and softball. Just like you.


What are your turnaround times?

FAST. Typically shipped in 3 business days or less. 


Can you do custom grips for my team/player?

Unfortunately we cannot, the investment required for our custom designs is substantial and cannot be made without commensurate purchase volume.


Do these work for hockey or lacrosses, or on rackets?

Our roots are on the diamond, but our grips have proved their mettle in other fields of athletic endeavor. We highly recommend 0.5mm for hockey* and lacrosse whereas racket sports are more of a personal preference. Finish your wrap and have extra length? Just use a scissors and cut to preferred length.

*For hockey, begin the wrap at the top of the knob, two laps at the end recommended, and apply the finish tape further down the shaft at the end of the wrap. 


Do you take suggestions for future grip ideas?

ALWAYS. Our customers are the best idea generators we have - we love to hear from you and if we get enough interest for particular grip concepts, we will absolutely pursue them.


Do you offer gift cards?

Sure do, click here!


What is your returns policy? 

Our refunds and returns policy is available here.