The Patriot


Give me liberty or give me death. No need to wait for July 4th, you can bleed red, white, and blue every game with our Patriot bat grip!


Naked Grips are here with a new standard in style for your bat grips, no more yawn-inducing bat grips...so add one to your woody or strip off the junky factory grip on your metal bat and replace it with something made for YOU.

LOOK GOOD. FEEL GOOD. PLAY GOOD. It's time to bring your personal style to the plate!


- Both 1.0mm and 0.5mm grip thickness available; we recommend 1.0mm for metal bats and 0.5mm for wood bats.

- The 1.0mm is built for unrivaled shock absorption with your metal bat, and the 0.5mm bat grip offers an extremely thin, barely-there feel for your wood bat...adding no unnecessary thickness to your wood bat handle.

- Superior, silky soft textures that pair industry-leading bat grip tackiness with pillow-like comfort and unrivaled durability.

- Our signature Nkd Batting Grip finishing tape with 3M adhesive built for ultimate stickiness, and no peeling off from the bat. Gone are the days of cheap electrical-like finishing tape.

- Custom stamping to ensure multi-directional flex and unrivaled durability.

- State-of-the-art polymers, built to withstand the rigors of the game.

- Thoughtful design and sizing to ensure perfect bat contouring, hugging every curve of your bat.

- Custom artwork, created by professional graphic designers who kept you and your baseball bat at the center of the artistic process.

- Endless drip. No slip.

The backstory: we were SO tired of the tired old bat grip designs, and poor durability on top of all the boring vibes. So, we sourced truly elite, premium materials and added unrivaled style to bring a NEW standard to the batting grip game. There's a new sheriff in town folks, grab your Naked Bat Grip today and raise your game, and look good doing it. NO SHOCK, ALL AWE.